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Green Recyclable Tradeshow Banners

Tradeshow booths and vertical banner stands are common and popular ways for companies of all sizes to present their brand, products, messaging and imagery to potential customers. Typically, company logos, branding and promotional images are presented in a large visual format at trade-shows to help visitors learn more about a company from a distance. Many of the vertical banner stands that are commonly used are made of plastic or metal, like aluminum. While these old banner stands do the job of holding up promotional banners in tradeshows, they were not designed with sustainability in mind. Unfortunately, many vertical banner stands are also made using flimsy construction and typically end up in a garbage heap or landfill after only a few uses.For companies whose brand or company mission is focused on sustainable, recyclable or all natural products, it is important for them to present their company using materials and construction practices that reflect what their company is all about.