Another Step to Greening a Wasteful Industry Utilizing a Highly Modular Product

We’ve just ran through another roll of recyclable banner material. We can hardly keep it on the shelf frankly! This is a good thing because it means that more banners are out there that are recycle bin friendly, are non toxic and biodegradable. This is our small impact on the environment, and our industry, arguably… Read more
September 13, 2018 News 0

Recyclable Tradeshow Banners are Essential to Any Sustainable Tradeshow Booth

Recyclable tradeshow banners are a great way to promote your organization’s brand, message and values. However, most tradeshow exhibitors don’t know what actually happens to the printed banners after their tradeshow comes to an end! Typically most cheap banners available are made of highly toxic vinyl materials and end up in a landfill, poisoning the… Read more
March 18, 2018 News 0

FITera and FitFreeze Ice Cream using Recyclable Banners on their Eco Rolla Vertical Tradeshow Banner Stands

FITera is a dynamic nutrition, dieting, health food company and online fitness community that helps thousands of people in 130 countries lose fat, get fit and be healthy! FITera offers the “Fast Track to Fat Loss” a comprehensive weight program including personal coaching, healthy recipes, daily planners and delicious diet foods that help people improve… Read more
November 12, 2017 News 0

The Eco Rolla is the only truly ecofriendly vertical tradeshow banner stand on the market!

When there’s an opportunity to use a recyclable material for your branding and tradeshow banner stands, why not do it? The Eco Rolla is the only banner stand on the market that is eco friendly in multiple ways: the banner material is non toxic latex, recycle bin friendly and FSC certified; and is made with… Read more
October 27, 2017 News 0

The World’s Most Eco Friendly Tradeshow Banner Stand is Now Priced at $399!

The famous Eco Rolla is the World’s most eco friendly trade show banner stand and due to extremely high demand we are reducing the price of the Eco Rolla Vertical Banner Stand to only $399 each. Featuring a wood base and sides, the Eco Rolla’s core hardware is made with recycled content paper tubing. For… Read more
September 22, 2017 News 0

Recyclable Banners Co specializes in environmentally friendly banners, signage and print materials

As part of our commitment to using environmentally responsible and sustainable materials in our recyclable tradeshow banner stands, we are proud to use recyclable latex saturated wet strength durable paper in our tradeshow banner stands and signage.  Specifically Recyclable Banners Co uses a bright, white cellulose based, latex saturated print media whose key benefits include… Read more
August 1, 2017 News 0

Show your commitment to sustainability with recyclable tradeshow banner stands

Many self-described ‘green’ design companies think using recyclable materials is good enough. While it’s better than nothing, it does not close the loop on sustainability. True green design takes into account what happens after the event is over. Will the end user actually recycle it? Will the the recycling process consume time, money and energy,… Read more
July 8, 2017 News 0

Flora Health shows their commitment to sustainable business practices with recyclable banners

Flora Health has been manufacturing and supplying premium herbal products since 1965, but their roots stretch back to Germany in the early 1900s, where Dr. Otto Greither, grandfather of the current owner Thomas Greither, dedicated his life to the discovery, production and distribution of natural health care products. Since then, Flora has preserved his original… Read more
July 2, 2017 News 0

Recyclable Banner Stands used by exhibitors at Natural Products Expo West

The Eco Rolla Recyclable Banners were recently used by Dr. Praeger’s Foods for their tradeshow booth at NPEW. At the 2016 Natural Products Expo West show, Dr. Praeger’s had the opportunity to reveal their latest custom, green tradeshow booth design for the company. Their tradeshow booth featured a “lounge” design with big reusable banners in… Read more
February 23, 2017 News 1